CT Caruso Tele Stile Guitar Tamo Ash

CT Caruso Tele Stile Guitar / Master Grade Timberline Datum: 01.04.2020 Serial Nr. 00301042020 Name: Tamo Ash Price: Per Request

Specifications / Details / Material / Description:

Body: 22 years natural dried / 5A Master Grade Tamo Ash
Piece: 2 Chambert super Lightweight
Adhesive: Hand applied bone glue
Color: Natural Color
Top Cout: True Oil
Material: 20 years natural dried, 5A Roasted Flame Maple
Truss Road: 2 way adjustable > 460 mm
Thickness Fret 1: 25,40 mm > 1.00”
Thickness Fret 12: 25,40mm > 1.00”
Carve: Boatneck ( Vintage 52 reissure )
Inlay: black plastic
Nut: GraphTech black / 42,86mm > 1.687”
Fretboard / Fingerboard: 5A Roasted Flame Maple
Radius: from 10” to 16“
Frets: 22 > Jumbo Dunlop Stainless Steel 6100
Scale: 25.50”
Side Dots: black plastic
Adhesive: Hand applied bone glue
Top Cout: True Oil
Pickup Style: SS Single Coil Open Black / Neck and Bridge
Side / Slug side: secred
Material of Wire: AWG 42 heavy formvar enamel
Coil Winding by: Q-Pickups Custom handwound
Magnet Material: Alnico beveled
Resistance DC: Neck – 6 kOhm / Bridge -6,8 kOhm
Potentiometer: 1xVolume > 1x Tone include Blendposition for Bass Cut
Style: Kluson in Line MH Nickel
Material: Nickel plated Steel
Weight: 32g per piece
Tuning Ratio: 1:15
Gear Type: Closed
E: 1,17mm > .046” W
A: 0,91mm > .036” W
D: 0,66mm > .026” W
G: 0,43mm > .017” P
B: 0,33mm > .013” P
e: 0,25mm > .010” P
Style: Schröder TC Hypride Bridge
Material: Nickel Plated Lightweight Aluminum
Weight: 110g
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