Caruso Guitars was started in 2016 by Marco Caruso as a hobby and initially focused on rebuilding renowned guitar brands in order to change their properties significantly and improve!

As a trained steelworker, in no way connected to the material, but drawn to the material wood and music, a passion that seems to exist in the genes awoke In a period of reflection, the fact emerged that his grandfather and watch-grandfather on his mother's side ran a carpenter's business and that is probably due to his dedication to woodworking.

After studying numerous guitar and plucked instrument making books as well as countless YouTube videos, 4-6 instruments were initially built per year. All parts are handmade without the aid of computer-controlled CNC machines.

The guitars are constantly being tested by guitar teachers, music students and amateur guitarists. Their feedback immediately benefits further development. The aim is to establish a reputation as a serious manufacturer of the highest quality electric guitars and to establish the name Caruso Guitars.

In the spring of 2021, the hobby became a company, it was officially registered and Marco Caruso will run it as managing director. Today Caruso Guitars brings this know-how to the next level in the form of exquisite guitars and now has 20 unique pieces in stock. All guitars are made with high-quality woods and materials and are optically designed in an ergonomic form.

As simple as that sounds, the process doesn't just require a fair amount of experience. It's also an exciting story of breakdowns, one-way streets, and tiny parts that didn't fit in their tiny holes. In general, building fine instruments can be a bumpy up and down, which is a lot of fun.

Building guitars with your own hands, the best you can and beyond, isn't something a teacher or professor in high school suggests.

Guitar making is more of a calling than a job. It can be addictive. It has to be in a way. But it's not about “more, more. more".
A constant desire is "better, better, better".